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Community Acceptance of Boko Haram Returnees: A Field Experiment in North East Nigeria

How can demobilized fighters and escapees from abductions be accepted back into their home communities during and after violent conflict?

Declaring and diagnosing research designs

Tools to imagine data before it is collected, design-based estimators, and to declare and diagnose research designs.

Does Community Policing Build Trust in the State and Reduce Crime?

Six-country coordinated studies in Brazil, Colombia, Liberia, Uganda, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Motivating Community-Minded Behaviors in Nigeria

Large-scale experiment of film and text-messaging program to encourage reporting corruption in the Niger Delta

Studying Sensitive Topics in Surveys

Methods and tools for list and endorsement experiments and the randomized response technique.


POL SCI 200E: Experimental Design. Fall 2016, Winter 2018. Syllabus

POL SCI 240a/b: Comparative Politics Field Seminar. Fall-Winter 201617. Syllabus

POL SCI 50: Comparative Politics. Winter 2017, Winter 2018.

Improving Designs in the Social Sciences. Ph.D. workshop, 2016–2018. Faculty leader with Darin Christensen, Erin Hartman, and Chad Hazlett.

I am part of the cross-university teaching collaboration Democratic Erosion. The last third of POL SCI 50 focuses on democratic erosion from a comparative perspective.